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Cosmetic Dentures

Elegant, secure, and comfortableUsing only the finest materials and working exclusively with the premier dental laboratories in the U.S., Dr. Knop, Dr. Ilyabayev and Dr. Gelfand craft dentures that perfectly complement your facial structure, restoring both function and beauty to your mouth. With their artistic and technical skill, you can be assured that your dentures will look completely natural and will fit securely and comfortably in your mouth. Whether you are a first-time or a long-time denture wearer, we can help return the confidence and security that come with having your own strong, healthy, beautiful teeth.

We can help return the confidence and security that come with having your own strong, healthy, beautiful teeth.We can to customize both partial and full dentures, depending on your needs. Likewise, we offer both traditional removable dentures and exceptional implant-supported dentures, the latter of which represent the most natural and stable replacement for missing teeth. With implant-supported overdentures, you can truly recover the freedom and confidence to speak, bite, chew, and smile as you please.

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Cosmetic Dentures



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