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Tooth Extraction in Downtown Manhattan, NYC


While your SoHo dentist does everything he can to save your teeth, sometimes it’s necessary to have one removed. A tooth extraction today is a relatively painless procedure with minimal discomfort and a short recovery. Dr. John Koutsoyiannis at Sohosmile can even perform surgical wisdom teeth removal, and the latest methods minimize the chance of tooth extraction infection. Call Sohosmile to make an appointment for your extraction.

Tooth Extraction
Ideally, your permanent teeth stay in place throughout your life. Occasionally, though, a tooth may need to be pulled. This process is known as a tooth extraction. It’s the removal of the entire tooth from its socket. Dr. John usually performs this as a quick outpatient procedure at the Soho Smile boutique dental practice.

Dr. John and his team are dedicated to saving all your permanent teeth. This dedication extends to performing a root canal procedure, in which the tooth’s pulp is removed, leaving only the shell. But sometimes the damage is bad enough that none of the tooth can be saved. In that case, a tooth extraction is the last resort. It may be needed for a variety of reasons, such as:

Tooth decay or advanced periodontal disease
A tooth infection
Damage from trauma, as from a fall, accident or sports injury
Tooth crowding, which is occasionally the reason for wisdom teeth removal

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Tooth Extraction in Downtown Manhattan, NYC



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